Painting garage doors with Affordable Top Rated Garage Doors

Thanks to Affordable Top Rated Garage Doors we have been able to gather many garage doors to paint and create new additions to homes across America. The goal is to gather as many old, used, broken garage doors. Repair them and then have to best young artists do their best.

These garage doors will then be sold and all profits will go to charity. We’re doing to for a good cause in hopes you will reach out to us with your support. So, contact us now and donate to buy materials in order to get this done right.

Pests in art gallerys are very common. It’s important to know when to call a pest control company!

If you’re looking to have a blast then get ready for July! Our new sponsor Commonwealth Pest Control has agreed to support us on three gallery rentals in order to bring more live art performances to you! If you’re interested in a great time with great people then contact us to grab your tickets.


Now that we have a steady sponsor we have big plans on what we’re going to do with the extra funding. We have many ideas on the table but a lot of us are very curious to know what you would like to see at our events! So, if you will give us a shout and tell us what you want to see in the 2017 Lemmons Contemporary Art Galleries.

Meet an Artist | James Osborn

Listen if you’re looking for an artist with style James is your guy. Growing up here locally in Manhattan he wasn’t always the thriving artist today. James started out as a painter in early high school. James states “I always had a knack for drawing but never had been offered a paint brush until freshman year of high school. If it would have been in elementary school who knows where I would today.” I believe James wants to encourage the schools of New York to focus less on standardize testing and product creativity instead.

Growing up in Manhatten isn’t like growing up anywhere else I believe. However with the help of social media, forums, and word of mouth we have young artists from all around the united states. Young and hunger painters, sculptors, photographers, and some of the most creative people of this generation.

Come by and James will show you a few tricks he has up his sleeves. feel free to watch the video and begin painting on your own.

contact us to have your art work displayed

Come by the lower Manhattan area today and see our art gallery!

This is an official invite to all Lower Manhattan residents and visitors grab your tickets by contacting us today. We’re open from 11:00 – 6:00 Tuesday through Saturday. This upcoming week is going to be huge for Lemmons Contemporary. Be sure to pay attention to upcoming posts as we’ll show off work done by local New York artists and the sponsors who supported them along the way.

Contact us to schedule a viewing