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October 21st, Two Souls," and it's exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Following a leak of images showing a nude version of Ellen Page's character in Beyond: Two Souls character Jodie Holmes from the net, leading to speculation that the actress might be considering legal action.

The Escapist Classic Videos: Although some sources say Page will be suing Sony for this, Page has not publically commented on the situation as of yet. Nude old lady photos. It's like company execs don't realize that modders, hackers, and the internet exist. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Beyond two sould nude. Blended From Around The Web. A better Escapist Magazine. You're Good to Go! Sony is attempting to scrub all screenshots from Beyond: Well, I suppose it's a good thing for her that she didn't feature in a moddable Bethesda game She's most likely had to deal with the photoshopped stuff of her already, and Yvonne's character and likeness are never in danger of being confused for someone who is underage as in certain B: They didn't "keep it".

Go watch Antichrist, pretty sure it's still on netflix. Two Souls, the parts of the body of the character that Ellen Page was playing were very much completely sculpted and developed.

You have been successfully subscribed to this newsletter. Barely nude pics. And this is kind of creepy because Ellen Page could pass as a young boy. I always thought David Cage has a fucked up view of women, and based on his self-confessed obsession with Ellen Page, I wasn't surprised this shit was in the game.

Apparently someone's never heard of the Streisand Effect. David Cage's games are certainly not for everyone. Can't for the life of me think of why a man like Cage would do such a thing Two Souls, the whole game is so elegant, classy, and respectful that it's a bit of a shock that Quantic Dream left these files buried inside the code for hackers to find.

I can also imagine Ellen Page suing David and Co. It's received many mixed reviews, ranging anywhere from being terrible to amazing, but one thing is for sure: Well the game actually made me like Ellen Page, idk I prefer it at, to 'the last of us'.

Why would Quantic Dream or Sony have the characters nude body in a full-detail? Someone has used a dev kit to open up the models that are contained on the game disc and rendered them from angles that the game didn't depict, this isn't fair use in any stretch of the imagination.

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The guy's either obsessed or a creeper. Not to say it is the most thorough method, but I would expect that the 'censoring' was most easily done as a different object or layer.

It's just unnatural and disgusting. Really hot naked milfs. Literrally nothing to see there. Beyond two sould nude. Sony seeking removal of nude Beyond: Two Souls is a fantastic narrative about a girl who lives with the gift or curse of a spirit named Aiden attached to her at all times. Two Souls images - Report PlayStation maker reportedly asking sites to remove images of nude Ellen Page character model.

Page didn't allow the game's developers to scan her naked body. I wouldn't be surprised if people started labeling this as a good example of developers abusing actors and models by filling in the blanks they didn't say at the contract or paid for. Oh and why does anyone want to see a character model with Ellen Page's face on it so badly anyway?

All publicity involving Ellen Page naked is good publicity as they say It says in the source article that the body is not even that of Page's, and why bother render it if they didn't expect SOMEONE in the many people who play it to see it. Edited at I bet the Two Best Friends are laughing right now. So did you survive? That was their mistake. Cute sexy girls tumblr. This is not the first time a Quantic Dream game has featured nudity.

Which is to say, yes, of course, images of a naked Ellen Page from "Beyond: They've been available online since Octoberwhen the game launched. The images first appeared in a Reddit forum earlier this month, though an Imgur album containing the shots has since been flushed. Can't say I'd be very impressed if I shot a scene in a mo-cap suit where I was, say, sleeping, and the devs then rendered the scene complete with my dick and covered it with a blanket, hoping no one would notice.

And whether or not this was an "intentional" leak by Sony or developer Quantic Dream I'm not claiming it wasthey surely can't be too upset about the buzz the incident has generated for the game. Two Souls was released exclusively on PS3 earlier this month.

I'm not exceedingly attractive either, so don't bring up that silliness of "well, she's not a stunner, so what does she care? The Eskimo Press reports that Sony said the images are to be pulled for "legal reasons. Sony will never come anywhere close to getting this to go away and are just gonna have to bite the bullet if they get sued for it, because they certainly have the right to do so. It's received many mixed reviews, ranging anywhere from being terrible to amazing, but one thing is for sure: It seems that while there was not meant to be explicit, full frontal nudity in Beyond: Speaking of, Lars von Trier has a new film coming out called Nymphomaniac that, as you might imagine, is all about sex.

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A Sony representative was not immediately available to comment.

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If I want to look at women's naughty bits, the internet is full of high quality video of actual women who would be more than happy for you to look at their naughty bits. Is it real enough for this to be an invasion of Ellen Page's privacy by whoever made the images or is responsible for them being this detailed? This is an outrage! Edited at Bringing gaming in front of more non-gamers is definitely a good thing.

Ofcourse, I can imagine Sony using their full legal might to stop the power of the internet once again or bully it into submission. Let's talk about arthouse cinema. Big tit cum dumpster. They're also more streamlined. News Reviews Guides Culture Forums.

Two Souls showing actress Ellen Page's character Jodie Holmes naked, according to reports from several sites this week. Beyond two sould nude. She has a right to be frustrated with this, but honestly, this is not her body, it is a video game model.

David Cage's games are certainly not for everyone.


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